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Vancouver Medi Spa is located at 1060 Hornby Street, in the heart of Downtown, Vancouver. We are open Monday to Sunday from 10am-8pm.

Our team of highly trained beauty miracle workers provide medical aesthetic treatments for all skin types, at affordable prices. We use advanced medical laser technology, non-surgical, and non-invasive treatments, to correct and enhance your beauty and wellness.

Get in touch with us today about our professional non-invasive treatments, and comfortable one-on-one service. Or drop into our clinic, located in Downtown, Vancouver, for a complimentary consultation.



After having a couple treatments at Medi Spa I am happy to recommend. Kam has an excellent consultation process where she answers all your question and goes over all the information you need to know in regards to your treatment. Not only did I leave happy with the results of my treatment but I also left the Spa more educated.

Kam is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly  recommend Medi Spa!

Marilyn A

Now that I have been to the Medi spa a couple of times for laser skin resurfacing and a laser peel. I would recommend Kam to anyone. She very professional and knowledgable of what treatments would work best for my skin. In just couple of treatments my skins texture looks smoother, clear and the tone is more even. Honestly she has change my skin, I am so happy with the results. I plan to go back for another treatment very soon.

Donald T

Kam is very knowledgeable about procedures to help you look and feel your best.
She has the right equipment and training.
Her location is convenient.
I recommend her services.

Jeff B

Kam is amazing! She is super knowledgable about skin care and the science behind the facial products she use. I really felt like I got a very high end facial and my skin looks like it did when I was a kid!! I didn’t expect that. She is a nice and easy person to be around which is relaxing during the facial procedure. Her shop is super cute too! I will definitely come back to get a facial when I’m in Vancouver again!

Katie D

Kam is my next door neighbour, so of course I am going to try out her services… The place is cute and beautifully finished so it was a plus!

I usually go all the way out to Coquitlam to my laser girl with my friends, but decided to stay local this time around. We were not disappointed! I have sent over 4 girls to Kam, each one of them having a more than perfect experience. I decided to do the hair on my face and upper lip (who wants noticeable peach fuzz on your face?), as well as my underarms and Brazilian – I was sooooo frightened that the laser would be unbearably painful like it usually is for me… but when Kam did a test patch on my arm, I was so tense and was expecting tiny knives jabbing me, but was pleasantly surprised when all I felt was a very cold object running up my arm. This was all I felt! I was giggling the entire time, only because I was still expecting to feel the pain somewhere during the treatment… yet I didn’t feel a thing for my underarms.  When it came time for my Brazilian, I was sure this is where I would feel some sort of discomfort. Again, NO PAIN! The laser felt so cold that it was actually soothing and relaxing.

Kam is very knowledgable in the laser machine, as well as the facial products she carries and is very easy to talk to. I even felt comfortable when she was doing my Brazilian, something that usually isn’t the most comforting of services.

I am glad Kam decided to move in next door, and can’t wait to get my legs and arms lasered as well! I am on the road to a hairless body, and Kam is going to help me get there. Thank you!

Mika M

Kam is pro technician.  She carefully analyzed my concerns and my results are amazing!  Thank you for taking care of me!


First Review – I came here 2 weeks ago to get laser lip remodelling I saw a few posts on Facebook & Instagram and decided to give it a try. First, I came in for a consultation with the technician Kam, we talked for about 30 minutes about the treatment, and alternatives etc. The consultation was really informative and I learned so much, that I will be sharing with others!

As for my treatment, I was absolutely amazed at the results, I’m going to attach an image below of just one session that I took at the spa.  I will be back in another 15 days and will post an update.

Overall, fantastic results, affordable pricing, and Kam is amazing! Highly recommend Yelpers check this place out 🙂

Thanks Kam, See you soon !!


I had a micro laser peel and some fractional laser done just before xmas. I waited a month to check out the results on my skin and they are excellent! Though I do know it takes multiple treatments to get full results, I can definitely see the improvement.
Kam is very thorough and a great value compared to other places. She is passionate and takes her time with attention to detail.
Other places I’ve been rushed in and out.

I recommend this place!


THE BEST! Very professional, personable, and accommodating. Great location and space. Highly Recommend.

Jay D

I’ve never had such an amazing consultation in my life. I don’t have a deep understanding on skin care and body care but Vancouver medispa got me hooked!

Kam was extremely passionate, knowledgable and informative about the services she offered. This is a woman that knows her craft. I carried no apprehension on whether I was being upsold on services I didn’t need because everything she recommended aligned with my existing intents when booking. I even showed interest in some of her most high priced services and she told me it wasn’t necessary and pointed me in the right direction.

Her space was clean, beautifully set up, sanitary and professional. I felt completely comfortable during my services. During my entire service kam kept filling my brain with more in depth knowledge on how the services worked and what was happening internally, it’s extremely comforting having a technician that knows the in’s and outs of their system.

**UPDATE: its two weeks after my hot sculpting service. I’ve been to many competing medispas, but Vancouver Medispa has my business after my amazing experience! After just 1 treatment I’ve already noticed a huge reduction in my midsection. She recommended 3 sessions which is mind blowing because my old clinic recommended 7. I’m a client for life!

Bee L

So happy with the results I have gotten from Kam! She is so friendly and always welcomes you with open arms, this girl seriously knows her stuff, she is so knowledgable about the services she offers, and gets the results you want. I’ve gotten laser hair removal on my face, underarms, Brazilian, and legs from her and I couldn’t be happier. The procedures are painless, quick, and easy. My mom and I are in love with the results and always look forward to coming back to see her. I recommend Kam to everyone because I know they wouldn’t be disappointed. You’d be silly not to come here!


I’ve been to Vancouver Medi Spa for several laser appointments now (under arms and full leg) and the results are great.  Kam is awesome and very knowledgeable.  We started with just my underarms at her recommendation.  She wanted to ensure I had results before starting treatment on my legs.  I already appreciated that she was honest and didn’t try to book me in for legs right away.  I’m very happy with my laser hair removal results thus far.  I’d recommend Vancouver Medi Spa to anyone.

Kristi S.

Been to Vancouver Medi Spa a few times now and Kam is fantastic.  She’s really knowledgable and explained the whole process and how it would go, including any pain or discomfort that might be involved and the pros and cons of various treatments and options.  She even gave me additional tips on the types of products I should be using, such as no-frills sunscreens that work best to protect my face!

I did laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation and am very happy with the results so far!  Also just as Kam said, everything went according to plan, and after the first treatment, subsequent ones went very smoothly with little to no discomfort at all.  Prices were very reasonable considering the length of the treatments, and I feel Kam went above and beyond.  She didn’t try to gauge me and even said to expect fewer treatments then normal because of my skin type.

I highly recommend Kam and her services to anyone who is considering laser treatments!  Best service!

Diane S

Kam is fantastic! She has a beautiful shop where I felt comfortable and in very good hands every session. She is very professional and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I’m super happy with my laser hair removal results and would definitely go back to get more treatments!

Christin H

This spa is so adorable I can go and on how much I enjoy coming here! Kam is fantastic and very results driven! Every time I come she accommodates me with open arms and the best part she’s great with kids, my daughter loves her.

Now let’s talk about the treatment the best part – 3 years ago I got burnt from laser and told myself I was never going to do it. I use to complain and talk about it all the time my husband was in shock I started laser now. Speaking about my burn Kam actually helped me get rid of my scar that I got. I want to say she did skin resurfacing I could be wrong. I’ve completed all my sessions of laser hair hair removal on my upper lip, hairline, and full legs.

I’m so excited to start my stretch marks treatment now from my pregnancy. Mommas you gotta get on it! This is the place to go.


Lily Z

After my consultation I’m soooooo stoked about my treatments I’m getting done this fall for my skin and body! Thank you KAM for guiding me through all of the treatments I gained SO MUCH knowledge. Highly recommend.

Mel E.

I’ve had a couple laser hair removal treatments done by Kam and the results are amazing! I saw a difference after just the first treatment.  Kam is very knowledgeable and makes sure you are fully informed about the treatment you are going to be receiving and when and how you will see results.  The atmosphere at the medi spa is very friendly, which is why I always feel totally comfortable.  After each treatment the amount of hair growth lessens noticeably.  Not only has the hair growth lessened, but my skin also feels and looks great.  Kam goes above and beyond to educate her clients and find the treatments that work the best for them.  I cannot wait to see the end results of my current treatment and to get more treatments done at the Vancouver Medi Spa.

Simian J

I visited Vancouver Medi Spa for skin tightening and acne scar removal and got great results! Super happy. Kam is very knowledgeable and the Fotona Laser she uses is an amazing machine. I highly recommend!

Christie L

Kam is absolutely wonderful – She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and made me feel comfortable and at ease for my first laser experience. I have been to Vancouver Medi Spa for two sessions of laser skin resurfacing and my skin has never looked better. My complexion is smoother and overall much more even. I would definitely recommend Kam for anyone who is looking to brighten or even out their skintone – The resurfacing also helped substantially with acne scars even after just two treatments.

Alexandra L

I was a registered nurse for 12 years, I have a strong medical background as well as I have been to a few medi spa/medi spa style offices in the past and I feel like Kam is the more knowledgeable person in her areas of expertise. She really takes the time to talk to you about what you are looking for, she is honest with timing and expectations. I was interested in something and she told me that it wasn’t something she was going to do based on my plans to get pregnant and that it would just be a waste of money. Others would have just taken the money, but not Kam. She is authentic and real. She makes uncomfortable or nervous situations more relaxing. The atmosphere is beautiful and tranquil. I have had multiple different treatments with Kam from body contouring to laser hair removal and I would recommend anyone, even my mom and sister, to use her. I feel like her prices are good and mixed with the services and expertise they are well worth it.

Shannon M

After going to Vancouver medi spa for both laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing, I have seen such amazing results! After my first treatment of hair removal I could already tell the difference especially on my hairline, and after each treatment it keeps getting better, less hair growth! In my consultation Kam was so informative about her laser treatments, she tells you everything from how it’s going to work and what it’s going to do! There’s nothing she doesn’t tell you! The laser skin resurfacing treatments Kam does are lifesavers, I have gotten two treatments on my back and the difference in my skin from before is great, it definitely makes you feel happy and confident in your own skin!
The best thing about Vancouver medi spa is that Kam makes you feel so comfortable, it’s so easy to go to her for any skin problems she is very knowledgable and trustworthy, she’s always willing to put in any extra effort in order to help you! She treats her customers just like family, and is not about the money at all!

Ravina S

Kam is by far my most respected technician and spa I have ever been to. I’m skin and product obsessed and she is the only one who has been able to give instant results. Her work and stamina is phenomenal! My skin has never felt and looked this beautiful- lots of love for Vancouver Medi Spa.

I HIGHLY recommend to all women and men. Her skin tightening, facial treatments and laser hair removal is on point.


Tanisha A

Kam is very professional and personal.  From the moment I walked in to the door to the time I left I was dealt with in a respectful way.  The treatment itself is state of the art in a comfortable environment.  Kam exudes confidence in her technical ability as well as her “massage table side” manner.  I would highly recommend her for a great laser experience! She has Ferrari class equipment-I had done my research 🙂 You wont be disappointed!

Louis Z

Kam is so knowlegeable! An expert in her field. I’ve been going to her for over a year and am so happy with the results.

Van N

I first came to see Kam after doing lots of research of the kind of treatments available for my skin issues. Kam’s facility is state of the art meets homie and personable. It is a beautifully decorated, intimate setting, not at all like the big spas. Most importantly, Kam always has all the time in world to discuss treatments and strategies using her unparalleled knowledge in the field. I am more than happy to spend an afternoon with her!
My results have been amazing with far less work then I anticipated. Kam is a results driven perfectionist who goes the extra mile for her clients. She listened to my concerns and far exceeded my expectations. I am sending my sister and my mom to her asap! If you are looking for an honest, skilled, professional take on beauty treatments Kam is your best bet in Vancouver…Hands down. 🙂

Katie L

I adore Kam! She is amazing. I’ve been very hesitant but also I have been turned down from places due to my skin. Kam had talked to me over the phone and in person. She spent 30 minutes with me on the phone telling me about her business and why her treatments would work for me. A month later I booked a consultation appointment so I could get the patch test done with her and so she could see what she was working with skin wise. She is really informative, caring, confident, and answered all my questions. With be being hesitant she reassured me that I would be in good hands. After my first treatment I saw results right away and I just had my second session this past weekend, again, results are even more amazing.

Her space is cute, comfy, relaxing and I continue to meet people and make friends with other clients. I personally love Kam as a business woman and friend she makes me feel comfortable and I feel like I’ve known her for years. I don’t care what anyone says she’s amazing and does amazing work. She is very much recommended.

Marie E

Kam is fantastic! I got skin resurfacing and it has worked wonders! I would recommend this place to anyone. Lots of services offered!

Shayla Y

Today was my first time at the Vancouver Medispa and I will definitely be going back! Kam is amazing and so knowledgeable. I was nervous and hesitant going in for my skin consult because I have been to so many other medi spas and had bad experiences but after talking to Kam and her sharing her knowledge of the skin and laser treatments with me I felt at ease and had my first appointment. I can’t wait to go in for my next appointment and I would recommend Kam to anyone, she’s awesome!

Lauren K

I got my full body laser hair removal done here about a year and half ago with the tech Kam. I havent shaved/waxed since. Really happy with my results, and the reasonable prices here.

Arianna M

I don’t usually write reviews but I was just so satisfied with my experience here.

First off, my girlfriend comes here and  told me to come here to get a facial for my birthday. At first I was really hesitate on going mainly because I never had a facial before. Now, onto the actually facial. It was called Forlled Nanotechnology Medical Skin Therapy aka the best stuff you can possibly put on your face. Anyways, the lady who was doing my facial was Kam. She was really good and educated me about my skin and the skincare line.

The facial was about an hour and 30 mins but I had a lot of questions and took a bit longer. The spa is really nice inside and very clean. I ended up purchasing the men’s face lotion and Hyalogy b which is like Botox!

Overall amazing experience and will defiantly come back! Thanks Kam 🙂

Matt P

I got my back & chest lasered here a few months ago. I no longer have any hair on my chest & back! Great place and reasonable prices.

Eric S

I would like to update my review. Since my last review was at a different location.This weekend I visited Kam at her new location on hornby street.I came to get a Forlle’d facial, I’ve been having problems with my skin again.Ive used a number of skin products and gone to a number of spas that have tried to help me with my skin.And I always seem to come back to Kam, due to amazing results I get.

I have  purchased the Forlle’d line that was suitable for my skin, which Kam set up for me.She also took time explaining me how to use the products to get full results.

Next, I’ve finished my laser hair removal with Kam already, couldn’t be any happier with the results.Now I’m hoping on starting treatments for my scars which I will definitely update my results on yelp.

I recommend Vancouver Medi Spa to everyone!

Kylie S

I’ve gone to Kam now for laser treatment 7 times now, every time has been a great experience. She’s very knowledgeable in every aspect of the skin as well as all the products and equipment she uses. 5 stars because she covers all the qualities of good customer service along with extreme professional care!  One time in the midst of summer, i came back from my trip to a little island in Taiwan, fully burnt and flaking off like a croissant from neck to my mid back, and after one of my laser treatments she treated my sunburn as well and my skin felt like it was new again with in days, i don’t know what my back would look like today if she hadn’t had saved it! I would be visiting Kam every week to use all the services she offered if i could!

Would recommend Kam to anyone any day. 🙂

Jodi F

Kam is experienced and professions. She gave me  the confidence that I hadn’t felt when I received similar treatments from other spas in the past. During our first meeting she took nearly 30 minutes to explain to me why past treatments hadn’t worked and what I should expect with treatments from her.

Kam doesn’t beat around the bush, if she thinks a treatment won’t work for you she will tell you. Which is why she asked me to return after a few months to receive treatment from her. This way I would get the best results.

I am very happy (and relieved)  that I found someone I can trust someone with my skin care needs!

Ro T.

Kam is well trained, very knowledgeable and professional. The space is fantastic and super clean. She makes sure you understand everything that is going on and ensures you are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.  I recommend that you try out her services.

Nic S

Love this place , amazing location and service . I did a couple of a vita treatments, laser treatment to remove fat . I lost 4 inches and 25 pounds . Kam was great , told me how it works and what to do . She knew my problem areas and worked well to ensure I got the max results .I’m loving the results and will be going back for more

Phiya J

Kam is amazing! She’s so real & sweet. She’s full of knowledge and doesn’t push anything on you that you don’t want. She’s truly amazing at her job and I highly recommend her to anyone. She will do her best to make you happy because she actually cares about her clients!! I’ve been getting lip remodelling and I enjoy the natural look. Thanks again kam! Xo

Shelby M
Kam is the most honest, knowledgable and results-driven skin expert I have come across in Greater Vancouver. She is passionate about the people who walk through her door and takes the time to arm everyone with education, more than a doctor has ever provided. A highly skilled technician, she will only do what is best for you. Worth every penny.
Kam is results driven using pro equipment. Laser + Frozen shoulder =

Major increase of movement. More effective than many other therapies I tried. Kam is super knowledgeable and has a huge heart! Thank-you so much!

Jax D

Excellent service, Pro equipment, everything done fast and on time. Kam is amazing and very detail oriented. I would not go anywhere else and really recommend Kam to anybody!


Educated practitioner with experience that shows


First Review – I came here 2 weeks ago to get laser lip remodelling I saw a few posts on Facebook & Instagram and decided to give it a try. First, I came in for a consultation with the technician Kam, we talked for about 30 minutes about the treatment, and alternatives etc. The consultation was really informative and I learned so much, that I will be sharing with others!

As for my treatment, I was absolutely amazed at the results, I’m going to attach an image below of just one session that I took at the spa.  I will be back in another 15 days and will post an update.

Overall, fantastic results, affordable pricing, and Kam is amazing! Highly recommend Yelpers check this place out 🙂

Thanks Kam, See you soon !!

Alexa S

Ive seen Kam twice for laser hair removal, both experiences have been great, I love Kams sense of humour and just her straight up attitude! It’s refreshing to have a service from someone who’s real and has results… I’m excited for more treatments with her 🙂

Kirsten Mckinlay

I scheduled myself in for a complimentary consultation with Kam Dhanda. My experience with her was completely wonderful. She is incredibly down to earth and knowledgeable. I didn’t expect her to be so friendly and offer so much information about treatments and holistic advice. I fully expected a quick in and out, and was pleasantly surprised when she took the time to speak with me. I am looking forward to seeing her for treatments as soon as my school schedule allows. Highly recommend!! Thank you Kam, see you soon.

Katherine Godden
Kam is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and explains everything to you in detail and makes you feel at ease! I always go to her and always recommend her to anyone that might be interested in laser hair removal, lip remodelling or anything else that she offers!!
Elinaz Sarkani

Superb service, knowledge and care. Highly recommended.

Marcin Lis

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