Kam Dhanda is a Certified Cosmetology Specialist, that implements the latest scientific discoveries into beauty treatments to postpone chronological and photoaging of the skin by using innovative technologies driven by science.

Kam and her team are committed to develop the most safest results and the combinations to activate natural regeneration processes in the skin to restore it’s structure and functions at the cellular level. We create highly efficient beauty treatments to sustain youth and health of skin, and rejuvenating it from within.


Our standards of sanitation and infection control ensure a safe and healthy spa experience.

Customized complimentary consultation are available at Vancouver Medi Spa by a Specialized Experienced Cosmetologist.

When you enter a treatment room your therapist will step outside, allowing you to disrobe in preparation for your treatment. During the treatment you will always be draped to protect your privacy.

We are open seven days a week, including evenings to accommodate your schedule.

Business hours are posted on our website. Gift cards can be purchased for loved ones at Vancouver Medi Spa.


Promptness : Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Arriving late will deprive you of precious minutes of your spa treatments. Your appointment will end as scheduled, so the next guest is not delayed.

Consideration: Please respect the right to privacy and quiet of other spa guests. Please leave cellular phones, and jewelry at home, Vancouver Medi Spa cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

What to wear: You will need comfortable loose clothing. For maximum pleasure and in consideration of other spa guests it is recommended that small children do not accompany you on your spa experience.

Gratuities: In appreciation for outstanding service, gratuities may be offered at your discretion.


Allergies: Such as for sea products, seafood, honey, nuts, essentials oils, hot or cold etc. Pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Medical conditions, such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, taking medications etc. Medical History is required.

Do not go into direct sunlight for 48 hours before or after treatment. Do not eat for at least two hours before treatment. Do not wax, tweeze and thread for 48 hours before or after treatments. Do not do activities that cause excessive sweating, for example using a steam room, sauna or intense physical activity.


We want you to get the best result our technology is capable of delivering and ensure adequate time is scheduled to accommodate every treatment thoroughly and safely. In the event of tardy arrival for your treatment you will be accommodated to the best of our ability within the remaining time available.

Our ability to do so will increase with advance notice so please call ahead if you are running late and let us know to expect you shortly. Extreme tardiness may necessitate rescheduling of the appointment in which case applicable late cancellation fees must be applied. Please call 604-442-8439 if you are running behind.


Any treatment may be cancelled and rescheduled without penalty with a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours advance notice. We regret to advise that with less than 48 hours notice a fee of $50 per hour of treatment time that your procedure was scheduled for will be charged. Failure to show up for an appointment without notice will result in 50% of the cost of your treatment being charged. Cancellations must be done by telephone.

Please call 604-620-1772  Emailed appointment cancellations will not be acknowledged.


In the event you purchase a treatment or series of treatments and change your mind within 72 hours a refund is possible. In order to cover administration costs and merchant fees for credit card purchases a refund fee up to 5% of the purchase price is applicable.

In the event that a medical problem or prolonged circumstances prevent completion of pre-paid treatments according to plan, the patient/client may take an extended period of time, not to exceed two years, to complete said treatments.

Alternatively a different treatment of comparable dollar value (less a $25 administration fee) may be substituted. As policy, treatment purchases are non-refundable after 72 hours, however, at the discretion of the clinic treatments may be transferrable. Gift Certificates are fully refundable within 14 days from the date of the gift-giving occasion.


We understand that beauty and health treatments are a very private matter. We invite you to come and relax in our private facility, where we carefully ensure your privacy and a strict confidentiality policy.

The information that you share with our clinic is only ever used for the purposes of carrying out your treatments. We will never share your personal information, nor will we sell your personal information to a third party.