Lip Remodelling

Looking for fuller, more plump lips without fillers? Instead of fillers we offer a non-invasive approach using our gold standard laser at Vancouver Medi Spa. Lip remodelling will enhance the appearance of your lips by stimulating new collagen that will give your lips a fuller more natural look. The advantages of this treatment include in is you will not lose the natural shape of you lips, instead, have them more luscious and plump. Our unique Smooth Mode end results will be remodeling and stimulation of new collagen.

What is lip remodelling?

Lip remodelling is a exclusive new method in Vancouver for plumping lips with laser.

How does it work?

The Smooth Mode Skin Rejuvenation is based on a burst (train) of Short pulse mode Er; Yag laser pulses in which the cumulative fluences of the burst of pulses can be defined by the technician.

The repetition rate of the burst is fixed (auto).

The predefined laser pulse widths and repetition rate give Smooth Mode a larger degree of thermal effect in the skin than conventional Er;Yag laser treatment settings.

It is the thermal effect that stimulates collagen remodeling.

How long does it take?

This treatment takes approximanetly 10-15 minutes

How many sessions required?

Four sessions consequently biweekly.

Can I get laser lip remodelling if I have a filler?

Yes, we advise that you wait 4 weeks after the date you have received the filler before getting laser lip remodelling.

How long do the results last for?

6-9 months.

Before & After

Both patients received one session