Tone, Shaping, Contouring, Sagging Skin

Loose skin is a feature in which a person’s skin is looser than usual for the average normal person in his or her ethnic/racial group. Loose skin can be due to hereditary/genetic causes. Skin also becomes looser with older age.

Loose skin is usually seen in the process of weight loss or natural volume loss of the aging process all over the body, but mainly seen in the face first. There are also some very genetic condition that cause the skin to be loose from birth. Main factors include:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Weight fluctuations (especially rapid weight loss)
  3. Age
  4. Genetics.

Loose skin are common when patients gain and loose a large amount of weight, such as in pregnancy, as the skin stretches, collagen thins, and leaves stretch marks. There are some treatments to improve the appearance. If the stretch marks are red, sometimes laser can help lighten the redness. Retin A cream (which is mainly used for acne and photoaging) can help long term but it is irritating.